The 'TradingPredictor' software products are a collection of unique and completely new trading software which were designed to enable and help Traders of all skills/experience levels make winning trades,....while at the same time turn trading on it's head and expose it to show that anyone can profit from the Markets and that trading the Markets is not exclusive to the 'special ones'.
No, not anymore: the software designed here over 7 years is designed and created to put anyone in complete control of trading and become a Master of their trading domain and make consistent profits.
No longer is the world of trading exclusively for the rich and the experienced people of the world; no, now ANYONE can reap the rewards of a successful trader....
Our software is so focused and concentrated in it's content, design, functionality, performance and output that it will instantly turn you into an exceptional trader from your very first trade with skills and winning results that even the professional, 'high flying' City traders don't have or even know can be achieved.

We have two main products which all contain several indicators to make up the templates that you simply load to get all the indicators and EA loaded with the exact settings needed. We have our ALR (automatic loss recovery) which makes profit no matter what direction the trade ends up going or what the Markets do! ALR AutoTrader v10.2  plus we have our '9 Alerts' Software Suite which has nine of the best non-repainting Trade Alerts which will alert you of the best early trade entry points and which all come with 11 other unique indicators to make up the templates and further enhance the trading environment in your favour ahowing the trend and direction the Market is going so that when an Alert comes you simply take the trade in the direction of the trend that the indicators are showing! So easy!.

Our ALR MT4 EA software uses NONE of the old systems/techniques that we all have seen used and re-used and re-hashed for many years in trading seminars and presentations and web sites on 'how to trade' ...because amongst other things, they promote the fact that you need to expect and accept that you will loose some of your trades because it is not possible to win every trade and we must therefore accept that that is what happens in the world of trading!  RUBBISH!!! Why can't you profit from every trade, there are only two parties involved with a Trade: one Buys and one Sells so why do we ever have to be on the loss making side? Answer is that you don't. So I wrote software that couldn't lose your profits. Sound impossible? I bet it does......please read on and see how it is achieved....
The ALR software will automatically get the profit you have asked it to achieve and will manage your trade all the way to ensure that it comes out as a winning trade no matter how many times the Market reverses and/or where it goes and/or for how long.
There is no more need for a Stop Loss! You will never need a stop loss anymore because the ALR will take the appropriate trades on your behalf to get you out in profit no matter what the market does or where it goes.

So, it doesn't matter if your initial trade doesn't reach the profit level you have asked it to take and instead the trade goes against you because the ALR will take the same profit from the reversal trade and indeed if it continues to keep reversing no matter what happens and/or where the Market goes, until it reaches the profit you have asked it to get.
If, for example, you have taken a trade but it reverses on you and starts losing then the software will activate and take control of the trade and cleverly 'manage' that trade to ensure that it comes out a winner, no matter how many times it keeps reversing! The software will ensure that you never lose any of your trades ever again, no matter what direction you took your initial Trade and/or what the price/Market does and/or where it goes during your trade, will always come out in profit!
The software is an ALR (Automatic Loss Recovery) EA for MT4.
I understand that this all may sound 'far fetched' but before you judge it please take a look at the proof in the videos on our YouTube Channel.

In summary: When you place a trade (or let the ALR autotrade for you meaning you don't have to take any trades) the ALR will automatically take control of that trade to ensure that it reaches your Take Profit, no matter what the Market/Price does. If the Market reverses and your trade starts losing then it is not a problem and you do not have to panic or worry or in fact do anything because the ALR will automatically turn that losing trade into a winning trade so that you always come out in profit, no matter what the Market does.
You never have to worry about whether to stay in or get out of a trade ever again because the ALR cannot physically lose if it has the funds to allow it to place the neccessary trades to get your trade to Profit (or Breakeven if you have chosen the Breakevn option which use far less margin!!...)! (see the ALR in action here on our YouTube Channel..)

Get the latest version of the ALR here.

See videos of the ALR in action on FOREX and Indices. The videos will show you how easy it is to use and examples of taking a winning trades with it.

See all our videos on our YouTube Channel - here

The ALR is from the Award Winning software company - Versis Software.
The software can be used with your current Broker, or ANY Broker of your choice!

Heard it all before?  I'm sure you have...
But, unlike all the others out there, ...not only does our software really work but we also do not ask or force you to use a particular Broker to place your trades....NO... You can use ANY Broker of your choice!
(We recommend of course that you use a well established Broker which is regulated in your country so as to ensure you have no withdrawal issues.
If you need help or advice on this please feel free to contact us.)

Play the video in the 'World' image above to see how to get the TradingPedictor and Metatrader software, install them and setup everything to have everything you need to start winning your Trades.

Be aware that Spread Betting and CFD trading carry a high level of risk to your capital and can result in losses that exceed your initial deposit. They may not be suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved.

Free Trial Downloads
Download the software for free and use it unrestricted for one week.
Download the ALR AutoTrader v11 trial HERE.

2. Download the '9 Alerts' software suite trial from HERE.

3. Download the 'Identify Best Trade Entry Point' Alert HERE.

4. Download the 'Snarklefish' Alert from HERE.

Watch the videos here on how to use the software.

NEW - Join our 'Managed Trading Account Service', where you do nothing at all because all the setup/accounts/Broker/trading is done for you and on your behalf. The profits are simply sent to you every month; you don't even need to have a Broker or a Trading account!
A $1000 account/fund will make around $100 every day

Features of ALR AutoTrader

You can use the software for trading Forex or Indices such as the Dow. Just install the software and load the template you want to use and the ALR will Autotrade for you and make you money instantly, safely and consistently....

See it all here for full explanation of the ALR AutoTrader

NEW and Existing Features of ALR v10.2

New - Buy-Sell Strategy and OCO Strategy, Autotrader.
New - 'Lone-Hedger' - The '1 Hedge Only' System
New - Low Margin Use Multipliers for Breakeven
New - Included is the '9 Alerts' suite of Non-Repainting Alerts to choose from to use for Best Early Trade Entry with the ALR:
Pre-Emptor Alert, Fast Trade Alert, ASC Trigger
Alert 'Best Early Entry', Fast Trade Alert,
Price Action Alert, Fast Trade Alert, Top and
Bottom Alert, Sudden Market Move Alert, MAWMVADI
- Best Times to Trade Indicator, 12X12 Alert,
Market State Indicator.
New - Market High/Low avoidance
New - Multiple Trades on a single chart
New - ADR and Spread Over-Rule features
New - Use Your Own Strategy and the ALR wil take your trade to either Profit or Breakeven
New - 2 New pre-configured, instant 'Ready-to-Go' Templates
New - Default setttings ready to go 'Out the box' for Autotrading and Manual Trading
New - Detailed screen information on active settings and options
New - ADR indicator v2.0
New - Multiple Open Charts: no longer only 4
New - ADR % Formula to calculate the best Zone size and TP

One Click Buy/Sell Buttons on the Charts

'Initial Take Profit' setting for fast money grab

Lot size Protection to stop incurring costs at high hedges

Reach For the Money’ - Set and Forget. ALR will get your $$ and close or activate Trailing Stop

Accurate Trade Direction Detection trading trigger

AutoTrading functions: New Alerts, Indicators/Signal and Triggers

Max Hedges Efficient Close

Trading Times Selector - for trading ony at best times of day

Auto News Reader with Trade Protection - accurate News and Announcement protection

'Panic Button' to protect and save your trades from unexpected Market events

Hedging Reduction System to stop hedging so as to meet your fund size

Never Reach Maximum Margin System - hedging limiter and hedge replacement

Which Hedge to stop trailing stop activation

Unnecessary Hedge Trades Contol System to protect from 'Noisy' and Ranging Markets

BreakEven ‘magic numbers multipliers’  for ultra low margin use

Stealth mode to hide all trade levels/positions from Brokers

Trailing Stops - Activated by reaching your Money target or Pips level

Bank Money and Close Trades and/or trigger Trailing Stop

‘Market Move’ Alert and Trade Trigger - to open a trade ONLY when there is sudden good Market movment

Direction Change Alert Trade Trigger to open and/or close a trade using the NoLagMA Trend Line colour change

Ability to run multiple trades on one chart (e.g. do the BUY/SELL Strategy on ONE Chart!); no need to use two charts or change magic numbers anymore.

No need to add the Spread onto the TP/SL calculations as autospread is built in and added on if/when needed

Unlimited charts can be opened in MT4 due to new coding of the Grey Prediction Wave (v3.0) and ADR (v2.0)

23 new Templates to cover all types of trading and with good default settings to work 'Straight out the box'.

New Non-Repainting Alert added to identify/show the 'Best Trade Entry Point' to enable you to place trades manually when the Market is changing direction. Just load the template and take the trade (..if Alert is following the Grey Wave...)

AutoTrade using new Trade Alert Triggers. The ALR can Open and Close Trades automatically using New Triggers/Alerts - without hedging: such as NoLagMA Colour change, MarketMove Alert

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